Technical Parameters
● More Efficient: maximum 6 samples work simultaneously.
● High Compatibility: 10-120ml extraction tanks are available for different processing needs.
● 4 Optional Extraction Solvents can be mixed in any proportion.
● Support General-size Test Tubes: no need to transfer samples before concentration process.
● Surrounding Heating Design: high thermal conductivity and uniform sample heating. Heating range: room temperature -200℃.
● Independently-controlled Channel: status of each channel can be checked on control terminal.
● Clear Observation: front-end window allows to observe the whole extraction process.
● Multiple Safety Protections: anti-over-temperature, anti-overpressure, anti-leakage. Powerful exhaust device is equipped for protecting the lab environment.
● 10" HD colour touchscreen visually displays real-time temperature and pressure curve.
● Detailed Usage Logbook: access to operation records anytime, e.g. extraction process, leak testing, system cleaning.
Quick Solvent Extraction System
iQSE-06 Quick Solvent Extraction System
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:SE-08

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iQSE-06 Quick Solvent Extraction System

Compared with Soxhlet extraction and ultrasonic extraction, iQSE-06 rapidly extracts 6 (semi-)solid samples simultaneously under high temperature and high pressure which ensures good parallelism and greatly reduces processing time and solvent consumption. 10.1" HD control terminal graphically displays real-time temperature and pressure curves. Extraction tanks and collection bottles in different specifications are available for use. Online remote monitoring makes the whole process more intelligent and efficient.

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