Technical Parameters
● Maximum 24 large-volume samples work simultaneously.
● Optional concentration tubes (100ml or 50ml) with matching end-points (1ml or 0.5ml).
● Nitrogen nozzle angle is automatically adjusted from 0° to 90°.
● Dual nitrogen blowing mode (Strong Vortex Shearing & Gradual Pressurization) ensures high efficiency.
● Automatic Alarm: as soon as the liquid-level sensors detect that solvents have reached the preset end-point, there will be an automatic alarm.
● Pressure and temperature are both controlled by PID technology.
● Pressure range: 1~72.5psi; pressure accuracy: ±0.5psi.
● Temperature range: room temperature ~ 100 °C; temperature accuracy: ±0.1 °C.
● 4 Working Modes: End-point Mode; Timing Mode; Mixed Mode (End-point Timing); Manual Mode.
● 10.1" HD color touchscreen visually displays real-time parameters with easy control. Online editing and saving of concentration parameters are available.
● Sample racks and water bath are both coated with PTFE for anti-corrosion and durability.
1)FlexiVap-24 Main System
2)24-pos Sample Rack with Liquid-level Sensors
3)100ml Concentration Tube (42×200mm)
4)24-pos Outer Sample Rack
5)10.1” HD Control Terminal
6)FlexiVap-24 Control Software V1.0
7)Special Tool Kit
8)User Manual
Automatic Concentrator
FlexiVap-24 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:C06-24

Selects and Matches

100ml Concentration Tube
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C4210200-1
FlexiVap-24 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator

FlexiVap-24 processes up to 24 samples while ensuring sample recovery and satisfactory parallelism. Each nozzle, angle-adjustable and independently controlled, is equipped with a liquid-level sensor to detect sample volume. 4 working modes are optional on 10.1" HD control terminal.

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