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Routine Maintenance of the Water Bath
The monologue of Nitrogen Concentrator
MHS-60 Homogenising System, the first step in food testing sample pre-treatment
MultiVortex - easy for batch processing
Unlock the super practical hidden features of FV64
FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator Sample Tube Rack All-round Demonstration
Two smart wet digestion devices from Detelogy that make it twice as easy!
Efficient and intelligent concentration strategy for experimental pre-treatment
【Have fun at the World Cup】No fear of concentrating a huge amount of samples, just because of it!
Nitrogen Concentration Milestone——FV64UP
Product Overview|Detelogy invites you to start a journey of smart lab experience
Nitrogen concentrator common problems and maintenance
Did you choose the right homogenizer?
Using Soxhlet extraction? This "masterpiece" greatly improves the extraction efficiency!
A helper for concentrating and fixing volume of large-volume samples——FlexiVap-12
Experimental Users'Ideal Organic Preparation Laboratory
Free your hand -MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers
MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers help laboratory to pursue intelligence and high efficiency
Introduction of MFV Smart Nitrogen Concentrato
10 seconds for easily cleaning multi-sample homogenization system's knife head
Real machine demonstration - how to use FV64 intelligent nitrogen concentrator
Detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in solid wastes
What if the smart nitrogen concentrator has a rank?
Determination of organophosphorus pesticide residues in vegetables
The way to know about the Father's Day!
Is your plant extract cosmetics really safe?
Detelogy Efficient Intelligent Pretreatment Method-Detection of Soil Pesticide Residues
Lab Escape Plan, I want to go on a date
MFV Smart Nitrogen Concentrator ,The New Teflon Machine Revealed
MultiVortex shaker mixer, concentric circle design will impress everyone
Detelogy’s intelligent sample preparation solutions for soil detection
Earth Day | Let's start with protecting the soil.
Detelogy compact equipment, the best helper for laboratory
MFV series Concentrator will solve your problems smartly.
Nitrogen blower micro sample pipe rack
MultiVortex could process multi samples easily
Detelogy Parallel Multi-channel Nitrogen Concentrator
FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator
MHS-60 could be your best assistant in sample preparation
Open the FlexiVap-24 and explore how this instrument work!
Why can I be one step ahead?
Efficient processing of vortex samples
We invite you to visit Detelogy's memorabilia on New Year's Eve
[Detelogy] The secret of Christmas food
Detelogy Solutions for petroleum hydrocarbons
[Detelogy] Sample Preparation for Meat
Detelogy Solutions for Food Additives
Detelogy Solutions for Fertilizer
[Detelogy]Welcome Double 11 Shopping Carnival
【MultiVortex】High Compatibility
[iQSE-06]Application Demo-Soil and Sediment
【MHS-60】The first step in food detection
【MHS-60】Application Demo——Enoki Mushroom
【BCEIA 2021】Detelogy-Great Review
【iGBlock-36】Lab Solutions of Wet Digestion
【FV64】A Proper Sample Rack Does Matter to a Multifunctional Evaporator
【iGHP-37C】Three Key Reference Factors of Digestion Equipment Purchase
【FV64UP】Four-in-One Evaporation Solutions
【FlexiVap-24】Ensue Accuracy, Improve Efficiency
【MHS-60】Application Demo——Poultry
【MFV-16】Special for Pear-shaped Flask
【MHS-60】Application Demo——Vegetables
【FlexiVap-12】3-No Assists with Nitrogen Evaporation
【MultiVortex】Application Demo——Ground Coffee
DTLabs Mini Program
iQSE-06 Quick Solvent Extraction System
MFV Series Trim Valve & Sample Rack
【iGHP】Intelligent Graphite Heating Plate
MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers
FlexiVap-12 Large Volume Sample Preparation Methods Comparison
Analytica China 2020
【FV64UP】Automatic Dual-Mode Nitrogen Concentrator
【FlexiVap-12】Nitrogen Nozzle Description
【MHS-60】Probe Cleaning
【MFV Series】 Gas Flow Comparison
【MHS-60】Application Demo——Aquatic Product
【FV64】 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator
【MFV-24】 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator