Application of Detelogy in preparation of Pesticide Residue Detection in Vegetables and Fruits

This scheme refers to the preparation method of QuEChERS in GB 23200.113-2018, and is suitable for the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits and edible fungi.
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Intelligent solution for pre-treatment of propylene glycol in milk

Let's learn together the method for the determination of propylene glycol in milk.
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Intelligent and efficient mixture and concentration package, 3 year quality guarantee

MFV Smart Nitrogen Concentrator+MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers
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Detelogy’s intelligent sample preparation solutions for soil detection

We will not afraid of huge sample , Detelogy launched the " sample pretreatment solution of soil detection", which aims to provide comprehensive and newest technologies and methods to units and users who carry out censuses, help soil detection, and relieve the workload of the detector in the "third national soil general survey" .
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The review of live show| Focus on how to choose the nitrogen concentrator, Detelogy Instruments can free your hand.

Detelogy Instruments' first live show in 2022 ended perfectly!This live show not only gives us pertinent suggestions on "how to choose a nitrogen concentrator ",but also displays everyone the real products intuitively.We demonstrated essential laboratory instruments - intelligent nitrogen concentrator.Let’s relive the live show and the wonderful moments.
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Product Online Guide - How to choose a Nitrogen Concentrator

Detelogy Instruments' first live show in 2022,we moved our debut on April 27th to April 13th!Just because we are so eager to share with you more efficient and intelligent laboratory instruments!
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Looking forward to the New Year’s Eve,we invite you to open Detelogy's memorabilia.

the one with all the resolutions,Detelogy wishes you all the best!
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Vanillin and coumarin content in milk tea should not be ignored

The use of flavors is a double-edged sword, the application of appropriate to reduce the cost of raw materials for the production of processed foods, increase the flavor of food, excessive use will cause dependence on the consumer, causing health risks, beware of bad business use of insufficient purity or banned flavors.
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Detelogy in the 2nd Quality Safety Testing Skills Competition of Shandong Livestock Product

On October 21-23th, the final of the 2nd Quality Safety Testing Skills Competition of Shandong Livestock Product, held in Weifang, was organiezd by Shangdong Livestock Bureau, Shangdong federation of trade unions, Shandong the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.
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Wonderful Review - Detelogy in BCEIA2021

On September 27 - 29, the 19th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2021) was grandly held in China International Exhibition Center, providing a large platform for domestic testing industry and laboratory instrument industry to exchange laboratory solutions as well as explore intelligent equipment and advanced technology.
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iGBlock-36 Easily Handles Batches of Samples for Wet Digestion

In sample preparation process of inorganic sample like heavy metal detection, elemental analysis, wet digestion equipment with good stability, strong processing capacity, low cost, is widely used in various physical and chemical laboratories, especially matching with atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, ICP-MS inductively coupled ion mass spectrometer.
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【Unread】You Have an Invitation from Detelogy

The 19th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2021) is scheduled to be held on September 27-29, 2021 at China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall), Beijing.
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Open the Top Cover, Explore the Secrets of Evaporator

Recovery rate of target substance may influence your choice of equipment.
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Meat Sample Homogenized, Efficiency on the Rise

Compared to most plant-derived food, samples like livestock, poultry, aquatic products and processed foods have higher protein content, more fascia, and greater toughness. In order to meet preparation requirements of this type of sample, it is necessary to improve process capacity and efficiency of homogenizer.
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NEW! Batch Processing of Samples in Pear-shaped Flasks at One Time

To break the limitation of common tube rack and to improve the evaporation efficiency of batch samples, MFV-16 is a customized solution for pear-shaped flask which we’ll recommend to you.
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Hang the Probes, Start Homogenizing the Samples

Mechanical shearing is a common step in sample preparation. It circularly loops the samples into a narrow space with high speed and relative motion of inner rotor to shear and break them.
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3-NO Assists with Nitrogen Evaporation

In the preparation of environmental sample, it is common to process large volume samples with quantitative evaporation. Compared with traditional method on rotary evaporator and small nitrogen evaporator, high-throughput nitrogen parallel evaporator allows sample in test tube stem to reach target endpoint with precise liquid-level?sensor, which makes multiple samples easily processed in one step, so as to greatly reduces manual intervention and further improves process efficiency.
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Sample Shaking And Mixing, So Easy with MultiVortex

As a common-used laboratory equipment for sample preparation, vortex mixer achieves complete mixing through circular oscillation, widely used in physical, chemical, and microbiological testing laboratories.
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New Listing! iQSE-06 Quick Solvent Extraction System

Compared with Soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction and other common extraction equipment, iQSE-06 ensures good parallelism while reducing solvent consumption. Rapidly extracting 6 (semi-)solid samples simultaneously under high temperature and high pressure, iQSE-06 greatly shortens processing time which makes the whole sample preparation process more efficient.
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【Wonderful Tour】CHINA LAB 2021 | Guangzhou

【Wonderful Tour】CHINA LAB 2021 | Guangzhou
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Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day!
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Upgraded Powerful MultiVortex Has Been Waiting For You to Explore!

As the first one to be upgraded in the new year, MultiVortex will impress you with high efficiency and time-saving. Seeing is believing. Now let’s watch the demo video!
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Detelogy Product Showroom Part 2

Intelligent Laboratory Solutions Efficient Processing Capacity Let’s start this guide tour
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【Fruitful Tour】Analytica China 2020 | Shanghai, China

Analytica China has come to a successful conclusion on November 18th. We presented several main models which got a lot of praise and recognition from visitors and peers.
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【Invitation】Analytica China 2020 | Shanghai, China

Don’t miss the grand opening of Analytica China 2020, the International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics.
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Exhibition Highlights——Detelogy’s Always On the Road!

We actively take part in various laboratory exchanges and sharing in the testing industry. In a series of seminars on food safety, environmental monitoring, sample pretreatment, we present several modals of nitrogen concentrator and other sample pretreatment equipment as well as optimal laboratory solutions. A lot of praise and recognition was received at each exhibition and conference.
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【FV SERIES】Multi-channel Gas Supply Testing

Practical laboratory solutions require not only high efficiency, but also satisfactory results and low consumption, which makes selections of laboratory instrument very important.
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NEW Product Releases! MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers.

With tedious testing process and a large quantity of samples, efficient laboratory instrument is the key. Compared with single-channel shakers, MultiVortex accommodates up to 26 samples. Maximum 3000 rpm easily deals with different kinds of indissolvable samples.
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【MFV-24】Your Helpful Assistant in Laboratory

MFV-24, with its performance advantages, stands out from classic disc-shaped nitrogen concentrator in the market.
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【FV64UP】Application Demonstration(6)——Parameters Preset

With powerful dual-mode, FV64UP greatly improves efficiency of sample pretreatment in laboratory. What’s more, parameters preset function allows more convenience during concentration process.
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Laboratory Solution——Determination of Organophosphorus, Organochlorine, Pyrethroid and Carbamate Pesticides in Vegetables and Fruits

Laboratory Solution——Determination of Organophosphorus, Organochlorine, Pyrethroid and Carbamate Pesticides in Vegetables and Fruits
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Detelogy Focuses on Food Safety of Street-Stall Economy

To reboot the coronavirus-stricken economy, cities around China started allowing people to set up roadside booths or food stalls on streets on a regular basis over the weekend. The government will provide support for the street-stall and small-store economy and inject new vitality into the Chinese economy according to Premier Li Keqiang during an inspection tour to East China's Shandong province, on June 1st.
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Optimal Pretreatment Program for Acrylamide Detection in Food

Happy Children’s Day!!! Most children will not only get a present today, but also a chance to have their favourite food which is likely to be fried food. When you ask adults around what their favorite snack is, a lot will also say something like fried chicken, French fries or crispy potatoes.
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Safer Sunscreen Matters!

Summer is coming and now we still need to put on face masks in public because of the outbreak Novel Coronavirus early this year. At the same time, it’s necessary to take sun protection because you definitely don’t want to get sunburn like this.
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Congratulations! FV64 & MFV-24 Have Been Awarded Guangdong Hi-Tech Product Certificates

With our joint efforts and full preparation, MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator and FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator was finally awarded certificates issued by Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association.
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The Best Solution to Deal with Samples in Batches

nternational Workers’ Day is coming, but when there are batches of samples urgently supposed to be prepared for testing before the vacation, what should we do? Don’t worry, Detelogy provides you with satisfying solutions.
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Welcome to Detelogy Product Showroom!

Never Stop the Pursuits of Innovation Always Concentrate on New Laboratory Solutions DETELOGY More Intelligent More Efficient
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QuEChERS Method×Detelogy——Solutions on Pesticide Residue Analysis

In the last few months, locust plague in East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia has posed a food threat to tens of millions of people. In one day, a 1 square kilometer swarm can consume the equivalent of food for 35,000 people and can travel 150 kilometers.
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【MHS-60】Application Demonstration(5) —— Probes Cleaning

Shearing-type homogenization system, commonly used in cell disruption, is of great help in testing process of meat, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits. As the most significant part in the equipment, homogenizing probe is supposed to have thorough cleaning after every application. Otherwise, it is easy to cause cross contamination between samples. What’s worse, residues are accumulated due to the unclean probe which results in the poor homogenization effect. At the same time, it is not beneficial to probe maintenance.
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【MFV-24】Application Demonstration(4) —— Dial Trim Valve

Compared with other kinds of nitrogen concentrators, classic disc-shaped one is favored by majority of laboratory workers for its high cost performance, sample compatibility, and operational flexibility. However, gas flow rate of common disc-shaped nitrogen concentrator is too inaccurate to cause spilled sample fluid or low concentrate efficiency.
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【MFV-24】Application Demonstration(3) —— Easy Drainage

Do you know what factors will affect the durability of water bath nitrogen concentrator? One of the key factors is that.....
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【MHS-60】Application Demonstration(2) —— Aquatic Product

It is necessary that sample pretreatment ensures recovery and parallelism, at the same time avoid cross-contamination and improve intelligence degree although there are multiple samples. MHS-60 with intelligent control terminal, has capability of processing batches of samples. Through high-speed shearing, it is especially suitable for samples with high water content.
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【MHS-60】Application Demonstration(1) —— Fruits & Vegetables

When it comes to the testing of pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues and food additives, homogenization process is generally applied in sample preparation. MHS-60 is equipped with special homogenizing probes, which achieves rapid homogenization of samples through high-speed shearing. It can easily deal with various samples with high water content such as vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, aquatic products, dairy products, processed foods, etc.
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New! MFV-12——Less Positions, Better Functions

New member in MFV series: MFV-12 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator. MFV-12 saves more space and allows more convenience, especially for small quantity of samples. Now take a peek at what performance advantages will impress you!
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New Year Surprise: MFV-24 Upgraded & Improved!

MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator has won innumerable high praise from our customers as well as the visitors in LAB CHINA, BCEIA and other exhibitions last year. At the beginning of 2020, MFV-24 surprises you with 4 highlights in both software and appearance.
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Detelogy in National Crop Science Frontiers (Haikou) Forum

On December 6-8th, the first session of National Crop Science Frontier Forum, held in HUALUXE Haikou Seaview, was hosted by Hainan University and organiezd by the Tropical Crops College of Hainan University. With the theme of "Crop Science Helps Human Health and Poverty Alleviation", more than a thousand scholars from all over the country carried out in-depth academic exchanges. It’s a great honor for we Detelogy to participate this forum as a sponsor.
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Detelogy’s MFV-24 Contributes to The 2nd Vocational Skills Competition of National Agricultural Industry

On November 21, the final of the 2nd Vocational Skills Competition of National Agricultural Industry jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions successfully opened in Beijing.
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Take a Peek at What Detelogy Has Achieved in BCEIA.

The 4-day shows served more than 500 both local and international exhibitors, showcasing analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, reagents, software and analytical testing services in an exhibition area of approximately 35,000 sqm. of floor space. Guests, exhibitors and business owners took advantage of the great opportunities at the events – high level executives discussed business strategies and signed contracts for partnerships; visitors and end users had the chance to get hands-on experience of innovative laboratory technologies and also kept themselves up-to-date with the latest know-how.
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Detelogy in Beijing BCEIA 2019 ! Come and Join Us !

Beijing BCEIA is known as the world's four largest analytical instrument exhibitions together with PITTCON, ANALYTICA, and JASIS, covering a wide range of application fields including mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, chromatography, electron microscopy and materials science, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electroanalytical chemistry, food safety, environmental analysis, life sciences, stoichiometry and reference materials, and labeled immunoassays. A number of well-known domestic and foreign scientists will gather in academic conferences.
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NEW Product Releases! FV64 UP Automatic Dual-Mode Nitrogen Concentrator.

Every step we make carries the power of innovation. We improve, explore and challenge always for another breakthrough. More intelligent, More Efficient. Our new product deserves your attention. FV64 UP Automatic Dual-Mode Nitrogen Concentrator is grandly launched in the market.
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Detelogy Wishes You Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

What bothers you? FlexiVap-12 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator helps you concentrate efficiently.
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Detelogy Newly Launched Video Presents Multiple Advantages of FlexiVap-12 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator

FlexiVap-12 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator can process up to 12 samples simultaneously. Each channel is equipped with a level sensor to detect end-point. Dual nitrogen blowing mode: strong vortex shearing and gradual pressurization. Most importantly, nozzle blowing angle can be automatically adjusted.
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Come and Check out Detelogy’s Newly Launched Video of MHS-60 Multi–Sample Homogenization System.

MHS-60 Multi-Sample Homogenization System supports fast and automatic homogenization of multiple samples. It can process up to 6 samples simultaneously, while maintaining compact structure and good parallelism. More importantly, it effectively avoids cross-contamination. There is no doubt that MHS-60 is the best choice in aspects of laboratory homogenization extraction, cell disruption, pesticide and dairy examinations as well as environmental protection.
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Detelogy Heading West: 2019 China Western Analysis and Testing Exchange & Shaanxi Annual Analysis and Testing Conference.

As one of the supporters of this conference, Detelogy presented FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator to all visitors and guests on this exchange platform. FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator is more intelligent and efficient than other same models found on the market. Rapid concentration is achieved with nitrogen blown onto the heated sample in water bath. FV-64 is controlled by 10.1-inch color touchscreen, visually displaying the graphical interface. Up to 64 samples can be concentrated simultaneously with good parallelism, which simplifies intelligently the tedious process.
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Detelogy’s Online Remote Monitoring Applet——DTLabs is Officially Launched

In order that more intelligent and efficient laboratory products as well as satisfying and convenient services are delivered to customers all around the world, Detelogy officially launched a useful online remote monitoring applet called DTLabs.
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Detelogy’s newly Launched Video Tells More Details of MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator

Compares with other common disc-shaped nitrogen concentrators on the market, MFV-24 can bring you more efficient pre-treat procession, saving more time. MFV-24 adopts color touch screen control, with manual & automatic control modes, to simplify the tedious pre-treat procession and make it more intelligent!In order to give you a better understanding of MFV-24, our video is released now.
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Detelogy in 14th Persistent Organic Pollutants Forum 2019 and Chemical Environmental Safety Conference (POPs Forum)

This event was much more unforgettable than we thought, everyone can share their academic opinions freely, we made some new friends. Detelogy will follow the technology development trend, strengthen our research and exploration, keep making progresses. To meet the needs of more users, we strive to develop new laboratory technologies and enhance the using experience. Providing laboratory products and satisfactory with more intelligence and efficiency is our duty, hope our service bring more convenience to you.
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Detelogy in the 23rd Instrument and Equipment Exhibition of Tianjin University

To improve Detelogy ‘s brand awareness and make a good impression on you, Our super star MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator played an active part in this event. Detelogy always focus on developing smarter and more efficient laboratory pre-treat methods! Mfv-24 is a faster and more efficient concentrator than other common circular nitrogen concentrators on the market.
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Detelogy in the 6th National Ecotoxicology Conference

The 6th National Ecotoxicology Conference was held in Guangzhou from April 26th to 29th, 2019. As one of the conference sponsors, Detelogy participated and showed the latest equipment for organic sample pretreatment to experts present in the seminar.
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Detelogy’s Excellent Promotion Trip to Institutes

From April 23th to 24th, Detelogy’s two-day promotion trip to Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and South China Botanical Garden, CAS was successful and fruitful. Detelogy went on the date with its remarkable product——MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator.
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Detelogy Harvested A Wonderful Experience in China Lab 2019

China Analytic & Laboratory Equipment Expo & Conference (CHINA LAB 2019) co-organized by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE), Guangdong Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center and Guangdong International Science & Technology Exhibition Company, is designed to serve a complete value chain of laboratory technology and development involving planning, design, construction, operation, software, management and investment, etc.. Based in South China, this wonderful exposition radiates China and the whole of Southeast Asia, focusing on laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables. China Lab 2019 provides laboratory professionals with an interactive platform of promotion, trade, communication and learning through exhibitions and forums, in order to produce a complete solution for the lab.
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【Invitation】Detelogy Invites YOU to China Lab 2019

Detelogy are looking forward to in-depth exchanges and close cooperation with friends from all over the world, so as to keep going with the development of China's laboratory field.
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Welcome to Detelogy

Detelogy, headquartered in the Panyu Energy-saving Technology Park in southern Guangzhou, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to more intelligent and efficient laboratory solutions. The main business products include intelligent sample pre-processing equipment, laboratory automatic intelligent platform equipment, etc. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales maintenance services, and has established strict quality control and comprehensive customer service system.
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