Technical Parameters
● Flexible Group Control: 6, 12, 18 or 24 gas channels are on independently.
● Each channel is equipped with a dial trim valve which allows fine tuning of gas flow so as to guarantee good parallelism. There is a main valve controlling all channels.
● Press only one button to adjust nozzle height manually and quickly anytime according to the sample liquid level.
● Input Pressure: 7-145psi; Output Pressure: 0-72.5psi.
● Clear Observation: front-end window with lighting helps observe the whole concentration process.
● Controlled by PID technology, temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C. Water bath preheating is available.
● Water bath is equipped with intelligent drainage port, making water change convenient and efficient.
● Different concentration tubes are compatible: test tubes, centrifugal tubes, beakers, conical flasks, evaporation bottles, etc..
● Acceptable sample tube size & volumes: Ø10-35mm, H32-200mm & V1-150ml.
● Classic disc-shaped structure with 360° rotating sample rack allows convenient operation. Specific mixed rack can be customized.
● Sample racks and nitrogen nozzles are made of 316 stainless steel as well as water bath is coated with PTFE for anti-corrosion and durability.
● 5" HD color touchscreen with real-time display of nitrogen pressure, water bath temperature and concentration time. Chinese and English are both supported.
● Manual Mode and Automatic Mode are optional. There will be an automatic alarm after the process is completed.
● Remote monitoring of concentration process is available in a mini program on Wechat, which also allows notification messages are received by users.
1)MFV-24 Main System
2)24-pos sample rack available for test tube of Ø10-35mm and H32-200mm
3)10ml Test Tube (16×100mm; 100pcs/pkg)
4)Ø1.5mm nitrogen nozzle, 10pcs/pkg
5)Ø2.0mm nitrogen nozzle, 10pcs/pkg
6) Water Bath Module
7) 5.0” HD Control Terminal
8) MFV-24 Control Software V1.0
9) Special Tool Kit
10) User Manual
Nitrogen Concentrator
MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:C01-24

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