Congratulations! FV64 & MFV-24 Have Been Awarded Guangdong Hi-Tech Product Certificates

With our joint efforts and full preparation, MFV-24 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator and FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator was finally awarded certificates issued by Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association.
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The Best Solution to Deal with Samples in Batches

nternational Workers’ Day is coming, but when there are batches of samples urgently supposed to be prepared for testing before the vacation, what should we do? Don’t worry, Detelogy provides you with satisfying solutions.
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Welcome to Detelogy Product Showroom!

Never Stop the Pursuits of Innovation Always Concentrate on New Laboratory Solutions DETELOGY More Intelligent More Efficient
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QuEChERS Method×Detelogy——Solutions on Pesticide Residue Analysis

In the last few months, locust plague in East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia has posed a food threat to tens of millions of people. In one day, a 1 square kilometer swarm can consume the equivalent of food for 35,000 people and can travel 150 kilometers.
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【MHS-60】Application Demonstration(5) —— Probes Cleaning

Shearing-type homogenization system, commonly used in cell disruption, is of great help in testing process of meat, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits. As the most significant part in the equipment, homogenizing probe is supposed to have thorough cleaning after every application. Otherwise, it is easy to cause cross contamination between samples. What’s worse, residues are accumulated due to the unclean probe which results in the poor homogenization effect. At the same time, it is not beneficial to probe maintenance.
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