NEW Product Releases! FV64 UP Automatic Dual-Mode Nitrogen Concentrator.

Every step we make carries the power of innovation. We improve, explore and challenge always for another breakthrough. More intelligent, More Efficient. Our new product deserves your attention. FV64 UP Automatic Dual-Mode Nitrogen Concentrator is grandly launched in the market.
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Detelogy Wishes You Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

What bothers you? FlexiVap-12 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator helps you concentrate efficiently.
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Detelogy Newly Launched Video Presents Multiple Advantages of FlexiVap-12 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator

FlexiVap-12 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator can process up to 12 samples simultaneously. Each channel is equipped with a level sensor to detect end-point. Dual nitrogen blowing mode: strong vortex shearing and gradual pressurization. Most importantly, nozzle blowing angle can be automatically adjusted.
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Come and Check out Detelogy’s Newly Launched Video of MHS-60 Multi–Sample Homogenization System.

MHS-60 Multi-Sample Homogenization System supports fast and automatic homogenization of multiple samples. It can process up to 6 samples simultaneously, while maintaining compact structure and good parallelism. More importantly, it effectively avoids cross-contamination. There is no doubt that MHS-60 is the best choice in aspects of laboratory homogenization extraction, cell disruption, pesticide and dairy examinations as well as environmental protection.
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Detelogy Heading West: 2019 China Western Analysis and Testing Exchange & Shaanxi Annual Analysis and Testing Conference.

As one of the supporters of this conference, Detelogy presented FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator to all visitors and guests on this exchange platform. FV64 Automatic Nitrogen Concentrator is more intelligent and efficient than other same models found on the market. Rapid concentration is achieved with nitrogen blown onto the heated sample in water bath. FV-64 is controlled by 10.1-inch color touchscreen, visually displaying the graphical interface. Up to 64 samples can be concentrated simultaneously with good parallelism, which simplifies intelligently the tedious process.
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